Users can post files, papers, and computer code to their accounts on GitHub, an open-source development platform. In addition, users can read, download, and even contribute to the uploaded files and source code libraries on GitHub, whether registered or not. The biggest source code platform globally, GitHub is used by many developers to undertake collaborative work and share a range of software, files, and documentation due to its low cost and functionality.

Due to its flexible platform, GitHub has users from the public and private sectors. Examples include software firms, app developers, individual programmers, and cryptocurrency developers. In addition, the Bitcoin source code is being reviewed and improved by a large community of engineers that work on it as an open source project on GitHub.

All open-source and for-profit development projects can use GitHub for nothing. The number of private and public repositories that an account can create is restricted on the free plans, though. In addition, the maximum number of contributors a project can have is likewise restricted in the free plans. Therefore, depending on their requirements, more extensive projects could need to upgrade to a paying GitHub subscription.

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