Haha Money Printer Go Brrrrr

A well-known internet meme from 2020 called “Haha Money Printer Go Brr” shows a young man ranting at a senior Federal Reserve employee for producing money to fight an economic crisis.

The meme image, which typically depicts the younger generation pleading with the older generation at the Federal Reserve not to “artificially escalate the economy by producing money to confront an economic crisis,” was uploaded on Twitter in the early 2020s. In response, the older generation would frequently say, “haha, money printer go brrrr.” The photo received over 16,000 likes and more than 3,000 retweets within a short period.

The COVID-19 pandemic-related Federal Reserve announcement to expand the stock market’s liquidity by pumping $1.5 trillion into the economy—a practice known economically as quantitative easing—led to the creation of the image. Since then, several iterations of the meme have appeared on various social media sites, primarily Reddit and Twitter.

The cryptocurrency community also supports the meme, as cryptocurrencies were created primarily to compete with established banking institutions.

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