Open-Source Software (OSS)

Software that is made available for use, modification, and distribution under the same circumstances as when it was first developed is referred to as open source software (OSS).

The section of software that computer programmers edit to define how a program or application runs is called the source code, and the majority of computer users never read it. Programmers with access to the source code can change a program by adding to it, making changes to it, or resolving any faulty areas. Programmers are typically given the ability to modify OSS to their specifications and choose how it is released by the license that often accompanies it.

Software that is open-source may offer advantages over other kinds of software. While encouraging the idea of open collaboration, which may be advantageous to both consumers and developers, it can also result in a higher-quality product because the open call for involvement attracts a wide range of specialists from many sectors.

Due to the potential for a large number of participants to have the right to access and skill to address those bugs, fixing problems can also be faster and less expensive than in the case of closed-source software.

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