Turing Complete

A set of data manipulation rules is said to as Turing-complete or computationally universal in computability theory if it can simulate any Turing machine. This indicates that this system is capable of identifying or selecting different rule sets for data manipulation.

Blockchain applications come in both Turing Complete and Turing Incomplete varieties. Depending on the scripting technology used, this varies. The scripting language used in Bitcoin, for instance, is purposefully meant to be Turing Incomplete since it fulfills its purpose, and adding complexity could cause issues. The developers can forecast with great precision how it would respond in the limited set of circumstances by keeping it simple.

On the other hand, Ethereum is designed as a Turing Complete blockchain. This is crucial since it’s necessary to comprehend the contracts that make up smart contracts. Ethereum has the potential to comprehend and carry out any future agreement, including those that have not yet been dreamt of, because it is Turing Complete.

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