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We, at WazirX, have designed an innovative approach to provide support to the education facilitators in India. They are already doing a superb job by educating the masses about crypto/blockchain. WazirX team will back these education providers up by providing constant support and visibility, through WazirX Education Partners Program.

Today, we are starting off with the very first education partner- Zubi, which aims to upskill the engineers/ professionals on emerging technologies, as per their career goals.

So, let’s get going and understand Zubi better. I had a call with Aman Sanduja, who took me through the tour of how what, and when about Zubi.

What problem does Zubi intend to solve? 

I remember struggling hard to find a skilled engineer for my last startup. It took me over a month to get the right candidate. Most of the applicants were adept in technologies that have come and gone. But, they have no idea about the emerging trends and what organizations are looking for in their employees. This intrigued me to delve deeper into the problem statement. That’s when Punit and I figured out that there are a handful of people who’s at par with tech trends, of which blockchain is one of them. We even realized that the existing horizontal platforms like job portals, LinkedIn, etc. takes a lot of time in placing the job seekers and even getting the right candidate for the employer.

That’s when the idea of starting up Zubi swooped in, and here we are- partnered with WazirX. 

Great, so there are many educational providers like Zubi. What makes Zubi so unique when compared to others?

Yes, there are a lot of learning providers out there, but we are not merely education providers, but we are a personalized education provider. We design courses/ programs as per the individual’s goals or needs. We assess that and then go ahead with the curriculum. The students can control what they learn, how they learn, and when they learn- its a user-centric approach.

The approach here, at Zubi, is pretty flexible, and we make sure the students get customized guidance, which involves a one-on-one mentorship program.

Do you guys mainly target students and professionals?

At this moment, we are mainly targeting students. But we are open to anybody willing to learn what we have to provide. We make sure the students complete their assessment, get their certification, and get placed as per their specific skillsets.

Now that we have a fair idea of what Zubi is all about, where do you see Zubi going in the years to come? Any growth plan you’d like to highlight?

In the years to come, we’d like to make Zubi accessible to all. The students can learn by their own choice and become the master of their own skills, without having to attend lengthy university curriculums or programs.

Education should be accessible, no matter your previous academic background, parental income, parental educational attainment, or socio-economic status. At Zubi, we’re removing barriers to learning/education.

In the future, we would open this ecosystem for school kids, college students, and working professionals. 

About Zubi

Founded in 2019 by Kumar Nishant, Aman Sanduja, Punit Agarwal, Aniket Jain, and Yogesh Agarwal, Zubi started off with an aim to make education accessible and attainable to the masses. As more and more technologies are emerging, the job market for those, tend to multiply exponentially. But what was lacking was skilled professionals.

Blockchain is the most demanding technology as per LinkedIn research, yet there are not many people who are skilled enough to build their careers on that. Punit and Aman embarked on that approach and realized if blockchain has to be mainstreamed in India, it needs to be started right from the college level. Hence, they began fostering a blockchain community of students across the country by opening up avenues at colleges and universities. That’s when the idea led to the birth of Zubi. It took a few years of navigating the technology corridors and working in the trenches for Aman and Punit to take the plunge to kickstart Zubi, which entails a forum enabling the students to pursue a career in the field of emerging technologies like Blockchain.

Especially in this critical COVID19 phase, there are many people losing their jobs, and in order to get them placed, they need to brush up on the most demanding technology skillsets. 

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