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“So when WazirX Academy?”, a number of you have asked us.

While pondering upon the question, and hundreds of requests and questions we get every week, we realized the primary aim is education, not another academy.

There are enough educators who are doing an amazing job out there.

Rather than being in competition with them, we decided to support people who are already educating the masses. So, we designed the WazirX Education Partners Program.

Here, we’re partnering with crypto/blockchain education companies to give them visibility, financial support, and knowledge from our experienced team.

We are partnering with some hard-working, amazing teams, who are trying to educate the masses.

We reveal our first set of Education Partners soon.

So, if you know someone who is educating the masses about crypto / blockchain in any way, connect us.

#1 WazirX Education Partner – Zubi

#2 WazirX Education Partner – Snapper Future Tech

#3 WazirX Education Partner – Corum8

#4 WazirX Education Partner – Inblox Academy

#5 WazirX Education Partner – Qualki Academy

#6 WazirX Education Partner – The Blockchain School

#7 WazirX Education Partner – Skill91

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