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Introducing WazirX Education Partner: Qualki Academy

By September 7, 2020November 2nd, 20202 minute read

Its time to introduce our fifth education partnerQualki Academy, an educational provider of next-generation technologies like blockchain, cloud computing, web development, etc.

I got in discussion with Pranav Maheshwari, the co-founder of Qualki Academy. Pranav got associated with blockchain, long before Qualki was founded. In 2019, he put forth his idea into action by starting Qualki (a name thought upon after the mythological ‘Kalki’, who is supposed to be the savior of Kalyug). Through Qualki, knowledge-seekers can step into innovative, technological learning, which will help them grow and succeed.

Qualki educates the masses on the emerging technologies and looks forward to impacting every person’s life by enabling them to acquire skill sets to make them achieve their career aspirations. Qualki takes care of individual education needs by providing them one-on-one mentorship assistance, till they reach their full potential.

Pranav believes that Qualki is unique in the way the knowledge providers or the instructors contribute to shaping the applicant’s future, maybe by introducing them to a more evangelistic approach. Qualki conducted a lot of workshops in Eastern India, mainly, which helped the students gain a certain amount of skillsets, and get placed in various organizations. 

Pranav started researching about blockchain from his college days when there was a hype around the electronic voting machine being accessible online. One fine day, he realized that voting could be done on the blockchain by decentralizing the EVM (Electronic Voting Machine). After months of research, he realized the scope and nuances of blockchain as a technology.  Qualki has its own set of blockchain courses like ‘coding in Ethereum Blockchain using Solidity’, which is inclusive of certification and live training classes.

Qualki Academy’s end users are not just students but professionals from various backgrounds, looking forward to learning new technologies at the most optimum cost. Qualki also covers the wholesome structure in a week. There are different levels of courses for certain domains, and students or professionals seek advice on which one to choose for the advancement of their career. That’s when Qualki comes into the picture. 

Qualki has even trained Ph.D. students.

In the near future, Qualki aims to be an educational pioneer in the emerging technology space, where it starts with an individual’s career analysis and ends with that individual’s exposure to the industry. Pranav aspires to be the Geoffrey Hinton of the blockchain space. Qualki aims to add value in every aspirant’s life, and that is how Qualki will come across as the savior in the education space.

About Qualki Academy

Founded by Pranav Maheshwari in October 2019, Qualki Academy is an educational initiative to provide knowledge to every aspirant in emerging technologies, irrespective of their experience or profession.

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