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AMA with Ivan Manchev (AdEx Network): Summary

By October 28, 20207 minute read

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Namaste Tribe! We had an amazing AMA with Ivan Manchev, Communications Specialist at AdEx Network, in WazirX Telegram group as a part of Grand ADX Giveaway on Tuesday, 13th October 2020. Here’s a quick summary of the session.

Hi Ivan, could you introduce yourself and AdEx Network.

Hello guys, thank you for the welcome! My name is Ivan and I am a communication specialist working for AdEx Network.

AdEx is a decentralized ad network, connecting publishers and advertisers willing to trade ad space AdEx Network is in the space since 2017 and we are a well-known project in the Ethereum space. We use Ethereum to write information about ad impressions and to faciliate direct payments between advertisers and publishers via our payment channels.

You can read more about AdEx on our website:

Q1. Would AdEx protect our real-time identity which we are using now in different social media like Facebook, Instagram, or it will only protect our digital identity which is only on the blockchain?

(by @Kanavaggarwal14)

AdEx is a privacy-first digital ad network. We protect user identities by not storing any information about them. We rely on contextual targeting – relying on publishers to know their audience and tag their content respectively, but we don’t store info about users on our servers.

Q2. What are the ways that AdEx Network generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model? How can is it beneficial for both investors and your project?

(by @ChayaLowe5)

AdEx Network generates revenue by running a validator. The Validator is needed on the platform to approve the authenticity of impressions for the ads running. Validator Tom belongs to AdEx Network and it charges a small validator fee from campaigns. In the future, everyone will be able to run their own validators by staking ADX tokens. Win-win for investors? Obviously staking is a very investor-related feature we announced soon. By staking ADX tokens, holders provide stability to the system and win additional ADX yield.

You know what, you can read more about validators on our FAQ page if you find it interesting:

Q3. Can you give us 1-3 killer features about your project to convince us & big investors to invest in the AdEx Network project for long-term?

(by @OsvaldoAnderso)

  1. AdEx Network has real-time transparent reporting for both advertisers and publishers – 100% transparency.
  2. AdEx Network is non-custodial, meaning we facilitate payments directly between advertisers and publishers and don’t hold them. Everyone on the network is safe and has access to their funds.
  3. By introducing our own payment channels system, payments-per-impression on the network are possible – publishers get instant liquidity for their ad space and advertisers don’t have to fear that they will spend a huge budget before being able to access results. They can see how their ads are performing in real-time and cut budgets to certain publishers (if they are not worth) before they have spent too much.

Q4. How do you plan to spread your understanding of the project in different countries where spoken English is not good?

(by @CyrusKertzmann)

We gradually plan to expand in different countries and regions by developing local communities and recruiting AdEx supporters who can carry our messages and adapt them to different languages. For example, we now have existing Korean and Chinese AdEx communities, we plan on adding different countries soon.

Q5. What is the current status of your roadmap? Are there any changes you made in your roadmap due to COVID-19? What are your future plans to achieve these milestones?

(by @Vishaly50124349)

In spite of the turbulent COVID-19 events, 2020 has been a very good year for AdEx so far. We are on track with all goals on our roadmap and with some, we are ready even earlier as planned. Yes, COVID-19 was terrible for some industries like tourism, transportation, etc. but for online business and e-commerce, it has been a golden opportunity. All online businesses rely heavily on ads so it’s safe to say that AdEx has also benefitted from the situation, as display advertising budgets are increased.

Q6. Do you impose any ad restrictions? If yes, then which type of contents you restrict? What type of targeting does AdEx support?

(by @sushant693)

Unlike traditional ad networks, we don’t want to limit industries like adult and gambling.

We believe that there is a lot of innovation in those and they deserve to have their fair share of advertising too. As long as one doesn’t want to advertise illegal stuff like drugs, guns, or child pornography, we are open to most advertisers. As for the targeting – for now, you can target specific publishers, countries, and affinity categories. More targeting will be available soon.

Q7. What is your view on ad-blocking or letting the audience choose the adverts they want to see? How does AdEx deal with ad-blockers by various mediums?

(by @Artistskyler07)

We don’t want to work around ad blockers and we don’t see them as enemies. For now, most adblockers should be blocking AdEx ads, but we see possibilities for cooperation with adblockers in the future.

What kind of cooperation are you looking at?

Well, we don’t have anything particular in mind, but for example we might cooperate with adblocking systems or websites to create paywall content or even paying users to see ads, similar to the Brave model. Of course, everything is purely hypothetical for now.

Q8. A lot of projects have sprung up with the DeFi season and the quality of security is very poor. What are the security mechanisms taken by AdEx Network?

(by @Ryham24917505)

We take security very seriously and perform rigorous internal testing and review even before auditing. For audits, we rely on respected teams.

You can read more about our audits here:

Q9. As we enter a more digital world, can AdEx be applied to TV or Radio ads, and what ensures ads are reaching the right audience?

(by @philicrohit)

Yes, before everything AdEx is a protocol for serving and validating digital advertising and as such, it can be applied to various mediums, as long as they are digital. The examples are numerous – from OOH to native ads and influencer ads – you name it!

Q10. What plans do you have to help drive demand and scarcity for the token?

(by @RogersWisozk)

By engaging our token in various ecosystems and exchanges like Uniswap we think that it opens opportunities for experimentation and growth. With our latest update, the ADX-LOYALTY token which ADX holders receive for staking ADX to our loyalty pool, we introduce:

  1. A way for stakers to still have liquidity by being able to trade the ADX-LOYALTY token
  2. Predictive elastic issuance, a DeFi concept we pioneered to control the scarcity of the token. Basically, if the token’s price is lower, ADX-LOYALTY holders receive lower interest and fewer ADX is minted to keep the ADX scarce and reduce further depreciation.

Questions from WazirX Telegram group members ?

Q11. How can I believe that AdEx will not be a scam?

Well, do your own research buddy 🙂 But being among notable projects for more than 3 years is a lot for a scam, isn’t it?

Q12. Is your project a global project? Is any of the local communities restricted from contributing to the project?

It is! We encourage everyone who is interested in the project to contribute.

Q13. How does this change how an advertiser purchases space? Is there a point in the “longtail” where DSPs / SSPs could exist?

For now, we don’t work with SSPs and DSPs but it’s possible to integrate them and we might do so.

Q14. AdEx project has any plan to join with this E-Game & E-Commerce sector?

For sure. Those sectors grow and develop rapidly so normally we would like to get involved!

Q15. Is AdEx safe/secured? What is the technology behind it?

It is safe, we do all the best to keep it so. However, if you are interested in technology, you should read more here:

Q16. How this network works as a transparent & privacy-focused digital advertising network and why it is different?

Because of real-time reporting. All the data from ad impressions go directly to advertisers and publishers, we do not hide or modify anything and we can’t actually.

Q17. Do you have an office somewhere? Or do you work online?

We have an office in Sofia, Bulgaria, but we have remote colleagues too.

Q18. Do you have any future plans in the retail sector?

For now, AdEx is a B2B network, but everyone in the retail sector can contribute and earn via our Staking incentive:

Q19. Any plans to put an application for AdEx on android or iOS in the future?

It currently works on Android and iOS browsers, but we might create an app at some points.

Q20. Do you have plans to fight scams in any way?

We already do. Also by introducing slashing and burn mechanisms we will fight fraudulent publishers.

Q21. Does AdEx have any staking bonus?

Sure we do! 50% APY for standard staking and 10-50% for loyalty pool! Read more here:

Q22. Your token value dropped in 2017 to almost $0 and now you are about to rebound to the top. What partnership or big things makes investors ready to accumulate now?

We recently partnered with Chainlink. Regarding the price drop – it was for the whole industry, but we were mainly silently building. Now we are constantly innovating and we are gaining traction.

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