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How to Get a Crypto Job in India

By December 1, 2021December 21st, 20215 minute read

Amidst last year’s pandemic, unemployment in urban India surged to nearly 20%. Closed shops, offices, lack of labour work, etc., contributed to such numbers. However, one that didn’t make it to the list of contributors was the crypto market.

Witnessing market surges almost every three months, the crypto market remained one of the very few sectors that were unharmed. Instead, it boomed, even globally. Now, when there are booms in an industry, an increase in demand follows suit by generating more employment, i.e., jobs.

Careers in crypto have seen much success and growth in India. If you’re searching for a crypto career in India, then this post is your final stop before getting one. From the types of jobs to how you can get one, we’ll cover all about finding and landing to a crypto job in India.

Types of jobs in the Crypto sphere 

The USP about careers in the crypto space is that they are pretty diverse. You don’t necessarily have to be a technoid to apply for a crypto job.

Data Scientist 

One of the most in-demand jobs in the crypto industry right now is a role of a data scientist. 

Data scientists create actionable insights from vast unfiltered data and, in turn, develop solutions. Several tools and skills, such as machine learning, help achieve such insights.

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You might want to add patience to the last line too.

Once derived, these insights are forwarded to stakeholders, which help firms to make decisive decisions.

Blockchain Developer 

There are two prominent roles in blockchain development.

There is the Blockchain Software Developer and Core Blockchain Developer, with both categories having different roles. 

The core blockchain developer is responsible for developing the architecture and the security of a blockchain system. 

On the other hand, a software developer creates, supervises decentralized applications/smart contracts, and ensures they operate as intended. If you want to start your career as a blockchain developer, one of India’s crypto exchanges, WazirX, has openings for the role.

Here are a few skills that you might need for this job:

  • Cryptography
  • Knowledge of Smart Contracts and Data Structures
  • Understanding of the Blockchain Architecture
  • Web Development 

Crypto Market Analyst 

Organizations are increasingly prioritizing hiring professionals that possess crypto skills. There is good demand for people with expertise in the crypto field to improve the operations of a business.

Crypto analysts do just that. They are responsible for analyzing, providing insights, researching, making predictions, monitoring the market trends, demand, prices, and more. More akin to a crypto data scientist but not the same. 

The job requires abilities such as giving investment directives and investment opportunities recommendations to customers and investors using techniques and sound judgment.  

Customer Support executive

No business can do well without good customer support. As a growing industry with more users every day, it’s only natural that a role in customer support is much needed.

As we know, crypto exchanges function online with thousands of users at once. Managing a ton of users and their queries is the basics of this job.

Similarly, this role requires skills to handle and build relationships, engage with communities and organize events to enlighten an audience. 

Overall, the hired employee will ensure that consumers have a good experience while solving any doubts. Crypto exchanges like WazirX have considered the happiness of their user base and have current job openings for customer support. 

Crypto Marketing

Marketing is a quintessential part of any business right from the moment of its inception and then throughout its entire lifecycle. Not only does marketing help in expanding the consumer base and creating awareness around the product, but it also acts as a tool to tackle competition and improve products and services. 

In the crypto sphere, marketing in all its forms and roles becomes even more significant since the industry is in its nascence and needs all the hype and attention of the target audience. 

For example, marketers can design campaigns and help in the launch of specific crypto products such as NFTs, ETFs to advance their markets. By identifying potential users and monitoring trends, marketers can develop strategies to maximize profits and market share.

Finance executive

Being one of the few jobs that aren’t heavily tech-oriented, the finance field has various positions you can shoot for.

Some of which include:

  • Investment analyst 
  • Risk analyst 
  • Venture capital analyst
  • Finance research engineer
  • Business development manager 

Investing in crypto holds risk, and no one can explain it to firms better than financial experts. Whether investing in crypto themselves or giving advice to investors, the scope is decently broad for this crypto job field. 

The list above isn’t exhaustive either, and trust us, there’s much more to explore about finance jobs in crypto. 

How to get a crypto job in India? 

Finding a crypto job in India is effortless. Thanks to the internet, a simple search on Google, LinkedIn, or other career platforms such as can come in handy for Indians. You may also want to check out more niche platforms such as Angel, where startups often list lucrative postings.

Another benefit to working for the crypto industry is flexibility regarding skills or qualifications compared to typically established industries. The crypto industry has only been for around 12 years, and it is still growing. 

Your recruiters might not find employees who can exactly fit their job descriptions. At most, they probably were inexperienced in this field too but learned and succeeded in the end. As long as you have a good attitude and are up to learning each day, a job in cryptocurrency won’t be too far from your hands. These two qualities are a must if you’re going to apply in the industry. You can’t expect to get a job in finance if you don’t know what a balance sheet is. 


To wrap it up, currently, there are plenty of crypto jobs in India. Also, many positions do not require programming or coding skills. Ever since this new industry has emerged, it has been exploding with opportunities. It’s not essential to be a crypto expert. However, it would be best if you learned the basics of your field. 

Overall, if you are interested in blockchain technology and can contribute, firms can quickly hire you for any suitable role. 

The best part about crypto jobs is that there are not many boundaries with the educational background but instead with how well you can perform. Which crypto job are you applying for? Tell us in the comments below! 

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency is not a legal tender and is currently unregulated. Kindly ensure that you undertake sufficient risk assessment when trading cryptocurrencies as they are often subject to high price volatility. The information provided in this section doesn't represent any investment advice or WazirX's official position. WazirX reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change this blog post at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.
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