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Is Blockchain Safe? Does Blockchain Have A Future?

By November 19, 2020May 9th, 20234 minute read

The modern world is all about digitalization, and that’s why more and more people are opting for digital modes of payment. For starters, they bring down the transaction time while enhancing the level of security. Blockchain is gaining importance amongst the millennial population for offering smooth transactions with minimal processing time and easy validation. It implements a distributed database that helps the smooth running of all the operations. 

Sectors In Which Blockchain Is Expected To Grow In Future

  • Digital Currency

One of the biggest applications of blockchain is in the field of digital currency. The massive spike in the price of Bitcoin remains unparalleled when compared to fiat currencies.  Such rhetoric has caused general investors to figure out how to buy bitcoin in India, as the premier crypto is the future of the payment industry. 

  • E-Commerce

Retailers are becoming more dependent on e-commerce platforms, and this is leading to concerns about the personal identity and data security of the end customers. Hackers mostly target the addresses and credit card numbers of customers, this risk of identity fraud can be overcome by adopting blockchain technology. This enables the end-users to select the information they wish to share. The use of blockchain is heightened in real-world transactions where it offers a secured identity exchange. 

  • Gaming Industry

Blockchain is expected to completely revolutionize the gaming industry by connecting the game developers with players through a secure and transparent payment network. It will ultimately help with player retention by offering protection against duplication and cyber-theft. This can be made possible through verifiable ownership of in-game assets and a transparent registration platform. Gamers can buy bitcoin India and use it to transact in virtual game items. 

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  • Cybersecurity

The disruptive applications of blockchain technology have led to massive innovations in the field of cryptography and cybersecurity. A unique approach is offered by blockchain to various enterprise applications like transactions, data storage, and similar internal functions. This makes blockchain technology tailor-made for ecosystems having high-security requirements. Users can enjoy greater control over their data and records as the blockchain-enabled systems help reduce breaches which are common with data exchange. 

  • Energy Industry

The global energy industry has immensely benefited from using blockchain technology to prevent failure in power grids. This is the main reason why energy corporates around the globe are queuing up to transform their power grids using blockchain technology. Blockchain can track down the failure in power grids in advance for communicating the same to companies. The loss incurred from the power grid breakdown can be effectively tackled by adopting blockchain technology and detecting time problems. 

  • Agricultural Industry

Blockchain-enabled products have helped farmers in monitoring the logistics of crops apart from handing contracts and data. This has placed the farmers in a better position to undertake precision farming and make better decisions to enhance agricultural output. 

  • Supply Chain Management

An important function of global business houses is keeping track of the supply chain, and this is exactly where blockchain technology comes into the picture. It helps with easy tracking of shipment numbers to prevent loss of any shipment details. Different parties involved in order processing can adhere to a set procedure from beginning to end, and this helps to track down duplicate products while reducing delays and human errors. 

Is Blockchain Technology Safe?

The USP of a blockchain database is that it updates itself automatically every few minutes. The blockchain records cannot be altered post update, making the transactions highly transparent. The transaction blocks have to undergo a verification test before joining other blocks in the network. Chances of errors also get marginalized coupled with the requirement of a consensus before the addition of a new block and involvement of multiple verifying nodes or parties scattered around the globe. The blockchain database can be accessed even when certain nodes incur problems since the records are not stored centrally. This keeps the information protected even if any of the nodes get corrupted or are hacked. Lack of any central dictating authority ensures that information cannot be altered unilaterally, and this strengthens the transparency of the stored records. 

Final Words

The technical innovations of blockchain are all set to revolutionize the global economy. A greater number of breakthroughs are expected in days to come, coupled with wider blockchain applications in different industries. Modern technologies like private key cryptography and P2P networks are being implemented by blockchain technology for bringing in greater success irrespective of its application.

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