Month in Review – August 2020

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Namaste Tribe! Another month has passed with WazirX building out amazing features for the community! ?

What happened last month

[Done] BTT/INR contest: We ran a trading contest for BTT in our INR market and gave away ₹6,89,000 to top traders! I also went live with Justin Sun, BitTorrent CEO on our YouTube channel. Read more

[Done] Swipe listing & giveaway: We listed Swipe (SXP) on WazirX, and gave away $25,000 worth SXP via a host of activities like AMA with Swipe CEO, Highest Trader Kaun, Quiz Time with WazirX, and SXP airdrop worth $15,000 to top WRX holders! Read more

[Done] Travala listing & giveaway: On popular, we listed (AVA) on WazirX, and gave away $8,000 worth AVA via a host of activities like AMA with CEO, Highest Trader Kaun, and Quiz Time with WazirX! Read more

[Done] WazirX Education Partner Program: Many of you had been asking us, “So when WazirX Academy?”. We’re aware that there are enough educators who are doing an amazing job out there. Instead of launching another academy, we have decided to support people who are already educating the masses via WazirX Education Partners Program. Here, we’re partnering with crypto/blockchain education companies to give them visibility, financial support, and knowledge from our experienced team. So far, we’ve partnered with Zubi, Snapper Future Tech, Corum8, Inblox Academy, and Qualki Academy. Many more to come! Read more

[Done] Announcing WazirX Automated Market Maker Protocol: We’re determined to participate in the DeFi movement and bring India at the forefront of it! We’re building an Automated Market Maker Protocol which will allow users to deposit crypto into a liquidity pool and earn trading fees. $WRX is ready to play its part in the DeFi movement! Read more

[Done] Waves giveaway: We also partnered with Waves to run a $20,000 giveaway for WazirX users. The list of activities included AMA, Highest Trader Kaun Marathon, Quiz Time with WazirX, and WAVES airdrop of $12000 to top WRX holders on WazirX. Read more

[Done] Live chat support: Many of you were asking us to introduce ‘Live chat support’ option on our website. We heard you, and we started rolling out live chat support on our website from 8th June 2020. It’s 100% complete and you can contact our amazing Customer Support team right from our Help & Support page between 9 AM IST and 9 PM IST. We’re bringing in live chat for weekends very soon too. Read more

[Done] Synthetix trading contest: We also partnered with Synthetix to run a $5,000 giveaway for WazirX users. The list of activities included Highest Trader Kaun Marathon, and Quiz Time with WazirX. Read more

What we’re building

[Ongoing] AMM Protocol: We’re working hard towards building out WazirX AMM Protocol. We’ve also been sharing our weekly progress updates, and you can check it out here.

[Ongoing] New tokens: We’ll be listing more tokens on WazirX in the coming weeks. Got any suggestions? Please tweet to us @WazirXIndia

[Ongoing] Liquidity in INR market: We’ll also add more pairs in INR market. Let’s work together to build liquidity in our INR markets.[Ongoing] Faster KYC: We have been seeing a sudden and huge surge in new signups on WazirX. We are working hard to ensure KYC approval is expedited.

Some highlights

  1. WazirX made a debut on Instagram. Do follow us!

2. Last month, I went live with Justin Sun, CEO of BitTorrent on YouTube here:

3. I also wrote for the Financial Express

4. WazirX DeFi initiative covered on Cointelegraph

Something to add

August has been an exciting month. We have been learning more and more the DeFi ecosystem. I’m seeing people being more aware about finance thanks to their interest in crypto. The advantage of an existing brands like WazirX getting into DeFi is that we can onboard hundreds and thousands of new users to DeFi. That’s a powerful way to grow the entire crypto ecosystem. Exciting times lie ahead!

Jai Hind ??

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